Friday, November 12, 2010

Hello everyone! I would like you to go to and read about the squirrel nests and look at the great photos Angela took. I tried to comment on several blogs and something is wrong because I get error messages on other comment sections. It is very interesting to read about the squirrel nest if you go over there. Have a good day! I dont have much to say today I have a sore throat and not feeling well. I sub at the school in the special ed class and alot of kids have been sick. I took a flu shot but it doesnt help with not getting a sore throat. The kids at school are precious and need alot of loving care and attention.

I do know that squirrels live near one another and like being around people. They often build nests when they are ten months old also near their birthplace and they will eat all the goodies they can find because they have to have at least 12% body fat for the winter so they willnot die from cold weather. They are cute and furry. They will store alot of goodies for the winter.

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