Monday, November 8, 2010

This is a little calico from down at the barn. She has been sneaking to BoBos bowl every day. Oops!!!
BoBo caught her he is running after her.Ok she went through the fencerow so she will be ok! He does not want any other animal touching his bowl. He is very wise. Anyway this cat has two bowls at the barn and my mother n law keeps them fed, they are her cats. But this particular cat enjoys coming to the backporch but is very skiddish.

Here are the two little birds I was telling you about. They are in the front door wreath making a nest. Now what do I do when I get ready to take the Harvest wreath down and put up the Christmas wreath? I would hate to disturb their nest. They were fighting about something this morning.

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  1. That is a beautiful barn cat Kim! My dogs don't like cats at all. They would never let a cat eat from their bowls! lol The cat is probably bigger than BoBo too! hehehe

    I had a bird to build a next in the Spring in one of my wreaths on the front door. Every time we opened the door it would fly in the house. After the second time of chasing it through the house to get it out we took down the wreath. My husband put the next that had eggs in it in a tree.

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