Monday, December 20, 2010

It is Tuesdays Show and Tail over at WVtreasures.blogspot.

Hello! We have triplet baby goats! They are adorable. When I get to take a picture I will show you, maybe tomorrow evening I can take pictures. We also have twin goats and one more and one on the way. They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went ahead and posted for Tuesdays Show and Tail for Angela because I will have to take Anna to get an impression made for another retainer so we will be out a little while.

BoBo says Merry Christmas to everyone!!!
And his ideas of stocking stuffers for a doggie:
1.Tasty bacon treats
2.plastic squeaky toy
3.Supreme pizza
4.a jumbo bone
5.a new bowl thats catproof

And his ideas of stocking stuffers for a kitty cat:
1. Nothing
2. Nothing
3. Nothing
4. A dose of hit the road jack lol

I told him not to be so rude it is Christmas and he needs to be good. So he agreed to it as long as they dont come try out his fluffy bed for a clawing post again.
5. A bag of Meow mix (ha ha BoBo you like cat food too)

Well thats all for today BoBo has been really thinking about those stocking stuffers. Have a great day!!!!!!!!

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