Sunday, July 24, 2011

It is a rainy day today so I decided not to take any photos outside.I wanted to take one of the kittens but Bobo was up to his badself and barked at them and they ran to the barn.Two are black with white socks and a little white on their chest and the other one is a beautiful gray with white socks.Oh they are adorable.Their mama took them to the butterbean patch which is a raised bed and they will play with the leaves and then they played,it looks as they were tickling each other but they were play fighting and Bobo cant stand all the comotion.So he went out there and barked and they ran.Something else cute, three little redbirds come up on the porch when Bobo was away on the front and eat his doggiechow.One of them flew into the backdoor window and knocked hisself out and he picked hisself up and flew back into the chow.A few minutes ago I went to check his bowl and there were crumbs ontop of the 4wheeler seat where birdies been eating.Well I will have to clean that good.Ha!But they are alot of fun to watch.It has been a very peaceful and quiet day.

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  1. Bobo doesn't want anything messing with his attention! hehehe

    The red birds sneak and eat Jazz' food too! lol

    Have a Great Day!