Thursday, September 23, 2010


I will soon be deheading all the Zinnia blooms that have dried. I will miss the butterflies surrounding them so I take photos and enjoy them while I can. This one is from this morning. This butterfly was also over in BoBos bowl in the water getting a refreshing sip. Didn't get a picture of that but BoBo did. He doesn't miss a thing! He barked at the butterfly, he also will check out the backyard before he eats to make sure the cats are not around.


  1. Hi Kim what gorgeous butterfly photos you took. I love butterflies they can be hard to photograph but i see you did a great job on that. BoBo is cute. Have a great weekend sweets. Big hugs

  2. Hi Kim!

    First, I love Bobo! A spotty beagle dog is so great--I have a spotty basset hound, Oliver. And, I adore the wonderful butterflies too. At The Katillac Shack I have butterfly bushes on opposing sided of the yard so they monarchs waft across the yard between them all day long.

    What a joy, they make me so happy and symbolize so much...

    Thank-you for coming by and I am so happy to know you!

    love, kelee

  3. Time of the year for our pretty blooms to leave us and the foliage of the trees to show us winter is on the way....until next year. God Bless Trish