Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looking for bugs in all the wrong places.

Instead of bugs how about spiders. If I can catch you I will put you in the house to find those big spiders the pest control spray is not getting! I am tired of spiders. The pest control is not getting them. I cant seem to find how they are getting in but they are. They say these creatures kill spiders, I need to catch this thing. I find at least two spiders a week. Just yesterday there was a big black one crawling in my laundry room and I screamed. I am terrified of them so I get pest control and I am spraying and have put out sticky traps. I keep a clean house an try to keep stuff off the floor and they still like my house. Any ideas? Alot of people use these creatures in their homes. The only name I know for them is stickmen. What is their name?


  1. They are called Walking Sticks! So, you were close!!! I don't like spiders - this time of year they seem to come inside the house. Spring time it is ants. Summer - flies. Fall, Spiders. Winter - mice. ya can't win. Take your pick! When we had a Jack Russell Terrier, he caught all the mice, no worries! I miss him! My Corgis love the hunt, but are worthless to catch mice!!!

  2. I believe they have been called praying mantis....I have been more scared of these then bugs.Trish